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Rules · FAQ Entries

Administrator Rules · Administrators run the site. As you know without them the site would be in utter chaos. You will be responsible for maintaining all of the rules settings listed here. You will have the ability to suspend and revoke moderation access. Your rules list
Content · If any user is found to be stealing content UGN Security will press charges immediately. All content on UGN Security is 2002 VNC Web Design. We work hard to bring our content to our users and do not wish to see it openly shown on your site without pe
Cooperation · UGN Security will cooperate 100% with any government request for user information. If we keep this a legal place no one will have to worry about this.
Disclaimers · These disclaimers can and will change at any time. It is your responsibility as a user of this site to check the rules and disclaimers on a regular basis. If you do not view these rules and you break them, you will still be held responsible for your
Family · UGN Security is to be considered a Family site in every aspect. We have users between the ages of 13-60. Anything shown on this site should be applicable for any ages unless otherwise stated.
Flaming · There will be no flame wars, we do value your opinions and participation in conversations, but if you have beef with someone please keep it private. No one cares about your problems with other people unless they are violating the UGN Rules Listing.
General · UGN is to be viewed as a real time community. It cannot be monitored 100% of the day. We want to serve our files for you all for years to come, but all it takes is one person to mess everything up for everyone. We expect you all to follow any rules s
Global Moderator & IRCOP Rules · Global Moderator and IRC Operators are one step down from being Administrators. They have full reign over the BBS and the IRC servers. You will be responsible for maintaining the Moderator and User rule settings. You will be responsible for posting i
IRC Rules · The IRC Server is a totally open and real-time discussion; it is available at port 6667. Because of the fact that the IRC server is real time, these rules will be upheld at all times or your host mask will be denied from conta
KBase and FBase · The knowledge base and file base can hold some questionable content. If you are under the age of 18 you should have your parents consent before viewing or downloading any files or knowledge papers from our site. Also, if you are outside of the contin
Links · Any illegal links posted on any section of UGN Security will immediately be taken down. The user who posted this link will have their account suspended on the bulletin board and IRC until this matter can be resolved. An illegal link would be a link t
Moderator Rules · Moderators are in charge of certain sections of the board on a trust level. You're responsible for upholding the user rules as well as brining to our attention anyone that violates any rule set (including Global Moderators and other Moderators). You
Monitoring · UGN is monitored on a regular basis by many organizations. If at any time you would like to see the monthly tally of hits from major domains (.com .net .org .mil .gov etc) please feel free to contact Gizmo through the contact page and we will make th
News Staff Rules · News staff is generally in charge of ALL site news listed off of the news pages. Without you there would be no UGN Security. News staff are responsible for the upkeep of all news topics. You need to actively post 5 stories a week at minimum, and no m
Nicknames · Any user possessing a nickname that conflicts with coding of any portion of the site will have their name banned, and upon the second coming of this same act their IP class will also be banned. We work hard to bring this site to you free of charge, a
Photos · Photos are allowed anywhere on UGN. These photos cannot be of an illegal or improper nature. We are a family site, so this means no pornography.
Polls · Polls are nice; you can hear people's opinions on different topics. However some people misuse the polling feature of the bulletin board. Please make relevant and useful polls if you choose to use the feature. If you are caught misusing the polling f
Posting · If your posts do not make since (if you're foreign and can't speak English / German / Spanish / French) then please refrain from posting. We appreciate it if all posts are in English, but if you cannot speak it then individuals who know your language
Questionable Links and Content · You are not allowed to post content or links to a site or sites which hold any questionable content. This can be Warez/Cracks or any site which hosts any illegal or mischievous content. If you feel that your link and/or contend could be questionable
Store Rules · All fraudulent acts are logged. All information that pertains to your identity will be made public to local and federal authorities upon order.
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