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2 Entries Chanserv Commands
A command listing for the Chanserv bot.
4 Entries Memoserv Commands
A command listing for the Memoserv bot.
14 Entries Nickserv Commands
A command listing for the Nickserv bot.
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IRC · FAQ Entries

Do you have SSL Support on your servers? · All of the servers in the DNS Pool support SSL Connections on ports 7000 and 7070.
How do I connect to the IRC? · The IRC server is available at port 6667 (or ssl ON PORT 7000). There are numerous servers that are all linked and you're placed to each randomly through You will need an IRC Client to connect to the I
I have been banned from a channel! · Channel owners can choose, at anytime, to ban users that don't follow the rules, or that they just don't like. This is their right as the channel owners.
Someone is harassing me or being "unfair" on the IRC. · Point being? We're not responsible for how everyone acts on the server, everyone is their own person. There will be no harassing of administrators, operators and moderators.
What are some basic commands? · Join Channel: /join #channelname Part Channel: /part #channelname Get a List of Channels: /list Send Message: /msg username
What channels does UGN Security operate? · The UGN Security network sites use primarily the following channels: #BackoftheWeb - Back of the Web #GoNix - #UnderGroundNews - UGN Security #WhatsonTonight - Watch TV/Movies with UGN Security. Our staff also operate the following: #Dollar
What do the symbols next to a persons nickname mean? · ~ = Channel Owner = SOP (Channel Operator, cannot be kicked, can add lower operations to the operator list) @ = OP (Generally AOP, can be kicked out of channel, can add lower operators to the operator list) % = HalfOp, can kick users out of channel,
What hours are the best to chat? · Our busiest hours are between 6:00PM PST to 11:59PM PST.
What network do you use? · Beginning April of 2010 we're operating on the FreeNode Network. Prior to this however we where running our own network with up to 6 servers.
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