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Tech Support · FAQ Entries

Are there any alternatives to Realplayer? · Try the Tara plugin for Winamp. You still need Real installed, however, so just don't let it take all your file associations and disable Startcenter so it doesn't use system resources. Media Player Classic is a standalone player that, once Real is in
Can you recommend a defragmenting program for NTFS disks? · Try one of the following: 1. Diskeeper, a retail program. 2. OO Defrag is a free program
Cookies don't work in IE6! · Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Default
How can I change the boot order or boot loading · Under Windows 2000/XP, right click My Computer and go to Properties. Go to the tab under Advanced and click on the button called Settings under Startup and Recovery.
How can I make captures from DVD movies/media files? · One option is to get a program that allows screencaptures,such WinDVD or PowerDVD. For media files, you can try something like VirtualDub or NanDub. Another option is to go to your video card properties (right click on desktop->properties)->Settings
How can I stop popup ads? · Try one of the following programs: * Proxomitron (slightly complicated) * Privoxy (complicated as well) * Pop-Up Stopper * EMS Freesurfer MK II * If you are willing to switch browsers, try Mozilla or Opera
How do I access Macintosh Disks Under Windows? · A free program called Gemulator Explorer will do the job. It is availble at Emulators Inc. It will also access Atari disks/CDs and will also read and write disk images. Emulators Inc:
How do I change my IP address ? · Right-Click My Network Places -> Properties -> Right click Local Area Connection (or whatever your connection is called) -> Properties -> Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) -> Properties button -> Use the following IP Address circle -> Type in IP
How do I disable popup errors in Mozilla? · Add user_pref(browser.xul.error_pages.enabled, true) to your user.js file
How do I disable the debug notification window for IE? · Internet Options -> Advanced -> Browsing -> Check Disable Script Debugging or uncheck Display Notification for Every Script Error if you want only one error
How do I dual boot Linux and Windows? · To dual boot Linux and Windows you will need a copy of Windows, a copy of Linux, and a program to partition your hard drive with (I recommend using Partition Magic Pro). To partition you hard drive in Windows follow this guide:
How do I enable DMA mode for my CD-ROM drives? · Right Click on My Computer -> Properties -> Hardware tab -> Device Manager button -> IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers plus sign -> Right click your IDE Channel (Primary or Secondary) -> Properties -> Advanced Settings tab -> Transfer Mode -> DMA if availabl
How do I find out what version of DirectX I · Go Start -> Run -> dxdiag (without the quotes). It'll be in the first tab, down at the bottom.
How do I get Linux? · Linux is a free operating system that can be downloaded or purchased from several different places. There are many different distributions of Linux available. If you are new to Linux you should start with a more user friendly operating system such as
How do I get my (S)VCD to fit on a · When in the filter settings window of TMPGEnc, choose source range. From here, you can set start and stop frames for each section of the video.For a two hour movie (120 minutes), you will need 2 VCDs or 3 SVCDs (so select the end frame either somewhe
How do I install a heatsink on an AMD processor? · Follow the instructions here:
How do I make a VCD or SVCD from a · The most common way is to use virtualdub to extract the audio as a .wav (audio menu--->check full processing mode, audio menu-->conversion--->44100Hz, file-->save .wav). This might be a good time to check your FPS as well (file--->file information).
How do I use Linux? · There are many guides available online that show you how to run Linux. We recommend searching Google. You can also pick up in stores or order online a copy of Linux for Dummies, which includes a copy of Red Hat Linux 7.
How would I dual boot Windows 9X/ME with Windows 2000/XP? · Install Windows 9X/ME first. After you have finished installing it, insert the Win2k/XP CD and install Windows (not upgrade). When it asks you to choose a directory, choose a different one from your Win9X/ME directory. It's also a good idea to split
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