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Linux Section Progress · Blog

The Linux section has had it's last public page modifications done today and should be operating as intended. All of the data supplied is from the GoNix Initiative website, which will be decommissioned soon (see the previous update here).

It took quite a while to figure out how to make the systems work, as it's combining 4 sets of data into one large system (as opposed to one set of data like our standard site systems). Plus getting all of the JavaScript, RSS, SiteMap, XML Syndication Pages, 301 Redirects, .htaccess Magic, and Item Association coding to play nice with each other took a large amount of thinking outside of the box (well, there IS no box...).

I still have some admin level code to tackle (it's about 90% done, all that's left is the system that approves user submissions), but the public facing content is 100% complete at this point.

Please see the FAQ Entry "Do you allow Syndication of Your Content?" for information on syndicating site content!

Posted By Gremelin Posted on May 16th, 2016

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