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KMouth is a KDE program which enables persons that cannot speak to let their computer speak, e.g. mutal people or people who have lost their voice.

Currently KMouth has an input field into which the user can type the phrases he wants to hear. Additionally the program contains a history of spoken phrases, a phrase book and word completion. The user can select phrases from the history which he wants to be re-spoken or he can decide to put often used phrases into the phrases, so that they can be spoken with only few mouse clicks.

KMouth itself does not contain a speech synthesizer. Instead it assumes that a speech synthesizer is available in the system. Currently it either uses any shell command specified by the user or the the text-to-speech interface of KTTSD. (KTTSD, the KDE Text-To-Speech Daemon, a plug-in based KDE project that wants to provide both a standard text-to-speech interface for KDE applications and a simple-to-use configuration dialog for the user.)
Posted on May 31st, 2014


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