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Djl is an open-source (GPL licensed) game manager written in Python 2.5 for the GNU/Linux Operating Systems. It is inspired by Valve's Steam software for Windows.

Djl makes it possible (via a repository) to download, install and remove a reasonable number of games placed into a distribution independent subdirectory (but without dealing with any dependencies). It can also execute .desktop shortcuts located in another directory (this way, it's possible to launch games which were installed before djl).

Several games (see "List of games on repository" page) are available in the repository. Anyone can submit new games to developers via a web page. The list of games is regularly updated from the internet, so it's not static.

djl is able to download and extract/install tar, tar.gz (or tgz), tar.bz2, zip packages or even graphical installers like .packages or .run (Loki packages), but these are extracted only, so the user doesn't 'see' the user interface: its goal is to make the setup happen under the hood, without any user interaction.

Games are then completely removable with a single click.

About games themselves, each one comes with its description (which is mostly ingloriously referenced from, an icon, an image and some additional information in order to help you choose which to install.

Once they are installed, they can be launched from main window, which not only contains games that are installed from the repository, but also shortcuts as .desktop files.
Posted on May 31st, 2014


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