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The xterm command launches a terminal-emulation window under X. It gives you access to the shell command line from a window and is probably the most used X command.

The xterm command has many available options, including one that will control columns in obscure terminal emulations.

Most used Options:
* -ah: Always highlights the text cursor.
* +ah: Highlights the text cursor if its over window in focus.
* -aw: Turns on auto-wraparound.
* -b number: Sets the size of the inner boarder in pixels.
* -cr color: Sets the color of the text cursor.
* -e program args: Runs the program in the xterm window, this command must be last in the command line.
* -fb font: Sets the font for bold text.
* -j: Sets jump scrolling.
* -ls: Sets the shell in the xterm window as a login shell.
* -mc milliseconds: Sets the maximum time between multiclick selections.
* -rw: Turns on reverse wrapping.
* -vb: Flashes the window as a visual bell instead of system bell.
Posted on May 31st, 2014


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