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Cheesebox · Article

A Cheesebox (named for the type of box the first one was found in) is a type of box which will, in effect, make your telephone a Pay-Phone.....This is a simple, modernized, and easy way of doing it....

Inside Info:
These were first used by bookies many years ago as a way of making calls to people without being called by the cops or having their numbers traced and/or tapped......

How To Make A Modern Cheese Box

1 Call Forwarding service on the line
1 Set of Red Box Tones
The number to your prefix's Intercept operator (do some scanning for this one)

How To:
After you find the number to the intercept operator in your prefix, use your call-forwarding and forward all calls to her...this will make your phone stay off the hook(actually, now it waits for a quarter to be dropped in) now have a cheese box... In Order To Call Out On This Line:You must use your Red Box tones and generate the quarter dropping in...then,you can make phone calls to far as I know, this is fairly safe, and they do not check much...Although I am not sure, I think you can even make credit-card calls from a cheesebox phone and not get traced...
Posted By Gremelin Posted on September 27th, 2009 · Updated on December 31st, 2010
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