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VAX VMS hacking · Article

The following text file is to be used when hacking the VAXVVMS systems. I
recommend hacking these systems cause they always have good shit to mess up.

Most VAXVVMS systems are easily found at colleges, like Hartnell College at
408-757-9494. Although I recommend them cause they are fun to mess up I will not be responsible for dicks that get caught cause they dont know what the fuck is going on. This is only a refernce file and not the ten commandments.

NOTATION CONVENTIONS The portion of an example that you would type is screened.
E.G. USERNAME: username <RET>

Single keys are surrounded by angle brackets < >. E.G. <SHIFT>. CTRL<<KEY> and ^<KEY> denote control characters.

Brackets [ ] denote optional parameters. Do not type the brackets. E.G. HELP [ME] !!!

Braces { } and vertical bars | show a choice of different parameters, one of which must be used. Do not type the braces or the vertical bars. E.G. THE VAX 117750 {IS | IS NOT | WILL BE } MY FAVORITE COMPUTER.

Words, letters, and expressions in uppercase show words which must be typed exactly as shown.

Words, letters, and expressions in lowercase denote values which you must supply E.G. I AM age YEARS OLD
Punctuation should be typed as shown.

Hitting return on an unoccupied terminal will give you the prompt

USERNAME: username<RET>

Type in the username (Hartnells format "S" and "seven digit code like 8047000" and hit <RET> and you will get the prompt PASSWORD: password <RET> NOTE: usually the passwords arent shown while being typed.

Once both prompts are answered correctly but most likely illegally you are now logged in and a $ is shown on at the left of the next line. Thats the DCL prompt it means the computer system is waiting for input.
NOTE: DCL is an acronym meaning Digital Command Language.

Once done with the terminal logout by typing LO or LOGOUT. Dont just drop the line or the terminal might not know that you have disconnected and next time you try to log on it wont let you cause youre supposedly already on there.

USEFUL DCL COMMANDS The following commands are only given at the system command level (the $ prompt) Do not confuse these DCL commands with EDT commands.

CONTINUE (C) If you accidently hit CTRLYY you can get back into editor by immediatly issuing this command. E.G. C<RET> COPY (COP) Copies one file to another.


DELETE (DEL) This is how you get rid of any particular file or files CREATE (CR) To create a short file. After issuing the command just type in your data.
DIFFERENCES (DIF) will display the differences betweeen two files. DIRECTORY (DIR) gives you a list of the files PRINT (PR) gives you a hardcopy list of a file PURGE (PU) Deletes all of the old versions of a file RENAME (REN) changes the name of a file TYPE (T) allows you to see the contents of a file on your screen HELP (H) this is a usefull command that will show other commands.

just remember that its best not to go around deleting files and shit, this is one time you get to be a leech, just look around and leech off of them and dont let anyone know that youve been there by deleting files, otherwise passwords will be changed and shit and then youre fucked!! Maybe?

Well, thats enough shit for now, this should start you off once youre in, be sure and use the HELP command cause its one of the greatest assets you have! All portions of this file written by the METAL MANIAC, any questions leave me mail at Milliways @ xxx-xxx-xxxx
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 6th, 2009 · Updated on December 31st, 2010
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