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The Remote Newsletter Vol. 2 · Article

The Remote Informer
Editors: Tracker, Norman Bates, and Ye Cap'n
September 26, 1987 Issue: 02

Brought to you by the 'new' TUFF: The Underground Fone Federation


The News

Sprint Strikes Back | Celestial Elite/TUFF Come to an End
Sprint caught a guy dealing| Celestial Elite and TUFF, the famous
codes on the street in LA|hack/phreak groups came to an end a couple
this past week. Information|weeks ago. TUFF, however, is being reborn
on this bust is limited at|and you can expect it to be back to full
this time. |force within a month.

Sources have it that A seventeen year old was|Magnus Adept, head of the now terminated busted in Arizona last week.|group, Celestial Elite, has started a new The name of the teenager will|group called Avalon Kingdom. We are unsure not be printed to protect him|what plans are in store for it. from harassment calls. | TUFF has several ideas and plans that |will be out to the public soon. Look for This information was supplied|future issues of The Remote Informer (tm)
by Phreaky Phone II |for new updates.

Beige Box Bust | TeleNet Hacker | Bate's Motel Moves
One of our editors and a| Crusader released| Bate's Motel BBS, member of TUFF, Norman Bates|his TeleNet hacking|run by Norman Bates, was caught for Beige boxing|program on September|was forced to move. It that he had done over 3 months|20, 1987. Look for|is temporarily set up ago. The calls he had made|it on a good board|at (619)267-8619. It were inside his state and cost|you call.

A review|will remain 1200 baud, a total of $12. He paid the|will be in the next|and a member of the bill and no charges were filed|issue of The Remote |TUFF Network. It is against him. |Informer. |open to the public.

Phreaky Phones Return: Amazing? | LDDS Buys Out TMC: Companies Merge
The original Phreaky Phone numbers| LDDS bought out TMC last month.
now support the new Phreaky Phones.|They merged into LDDS, since it was
The guys running them had protested|bigger and more widespread. Any that the lines were being monitored.|companies that were subscribing to There is no way that could have been,|the TMC long distance service were and they contradicted themselves by|automatically coverted to LDDS.

All restarting Phreaky Phones on the same|local TMC ports still work, but will numbers. They gave alot of credit|soon be disconnected. Refer to the to the people calling to suggest they|article on LDDS in this issue for believe a story like that. |more information on LDDS dial-ups.

US Sprint Calls Destinations | Pirate's Hollow Is Back With 10 Megs
US Sprint now calls all the| Pirate's Hollow is back on-line. It numbers called with unauthorized|now is run a 10 meg hard drive. Unlike codes. Their dis-advantage is|most boards that have #'s of megs, this that they are delayed by about|one will stress more attention on it's two months in calling because|database.

The database is scheduled to they have to wait till people|be online by October 1st. This database report they did not make calls to|will contain 800+ text files on various the numbers they were billed for.|topics, with about 60% - 70% pertaining Best advice is to not call voice|to illegal activities.

Unfortunately, with Sprint except to those who|Trax Xe is being redesigned, so until it have private lines other than|is finished, it will run on Carina. The their regular phone line. |number is (415)593-6784 (300/1200 baud).

Raggers and Braggers
This section is to make you aware of well-known raggers and braggers.
Since this is the first time this section is being printed, we will tell
you what classifies people as raggers and braggers.

In the future issues the top raggers and braggers will be listed in this newsletter to let the SysOps know who not to let on their board, or to atleast keep an eye on.
A ragger is someone who will put someone else down for something.

The person might post a message asking a novice question about hacking and phreaking, or may say something that is completely wrong, and a ragger will put the other person down for he said, posted, etc.

The ones that usually classify in this category are the ones that think they know it all and consider themselves right no matter what anyone says. Most of the users that use codes and consider themselves a master phreaker usually become raggers.

A bragger is someone who either does or thinks he does know everything, and puts it upon himself to tell the whole world that he knows it all. This person is also one who thinks he is better than everyone else and he believes he is Elite, and no one else is.

People who tend to do this are those who have, for some reason, become well-known in the underworld, and as a result become a bragger. Those usually not too well-known will not tend to brag as much as those who think everyone would love to be their friend and be like them.
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