Ok as you can see im a Neophyte (Newbie) i was wondering if there was any one around that could specify something for me. Im 17 and i want to become a Hacker ive been reading for like 2 months nothing but reading and im realy not getting it some sites say books can only give you pointers and directions and other sites say the books and classes can give you every thing you need to know i was just wondering if you half to know anything about computers to even start reading or what i know how to build a computer and i know windows and can do alot of thing with a computer just dont know what they are called. i also know about telnet just not how to connect and use it but thats were it ends and i have pretty much close to no money what am i supposed to do. its like a dream of mine to become a Hacker and im not giving up so any help thats to the point will realy help out and will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Matt-