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#8145 09/24/03 11:19 PM
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I am a newbie and I need to learn quick. I believe that my ex-husband is abusing my son. I need to find out info immediatley and don't have time to learn it all overnight. I would like to clone his cell phone and get info off of his computer.
I have always wanted to know how to hack, but am being forced to learn NOW!!! If antone would be willing to help me gather some info, I would be willing to pay!! I have gone to Child Protective Services and they won't do anything!!

#8146 09/25/03 01:10 AM
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UGN Elite Poster
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/me sighs...

Ok. Look, I'm not calling you a liar, but do you have any idea how often we get people like you coming here with some kind of ridiculous excuse for needing to learn to hack? And unfortunatly for you, you seem to be just another person with an excuse. The part that really makes you look unbeleivable is that getting into someone's computer, or cloning their cell phone has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with buddy abusing your son. Do you think he's marking the days in his calandar that he commits said abusing? Or that he's calling his buddies to brag about it? I really doubt both cases. What I'm more inclined to think is that you are looking for revenge for some trivial thing he did to you and now you're here asking for someone to do it for you. Now before you get all defensive and say you're willing to do it yourself, let me explain one thing to you; Hacking CANNOT be learned "right now", nor can it be learned in a couple weeks. What you are talking about would prolly take you 2-3 years of hard work to accompolish. You have no chance of being able to learn these things "NOW!!!", so I suggest you explore some of the other options to you like law enforcement etc. And one final note, even if you got what you wanted and obtained info through these means you would be obtaining em in an illegal manner and therefore would not be admissable in court. Translation: Completely useless to you.


#8147 09/25/03 09:40 AM
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Joined: Aug 2003
Posts: 240
haha well said good chap well said...
and yeah pitiful excuse.. your probably a 14 year old :p

The wise make mistakes, the fools repeat them
When you have eliminated the impossible, that which remains, however improbable, must be the truth
#8148 09/25/03 04:43 PM
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I can understand your scepticism, but I assure you that this is the truth.I understand that I can't learn this over night and I also know that what ever I find can not be used in court. It can, however, allow me too know where he will be so that I don't waste countless hours of surveillance not even knowing if he is home.
Ok, I am wasting my time typing without you understanding the background. I pray that I am not giving too much info, and that you (someone) will help. Here goes...
I was divorced three years ago from a very abusive man. During the course of our mairrage he was physically, verbally, and sexual abusive to me. I was a stay at home mom with little work experience and little education. I was 19 and he was 38 when we were married. I was so naieve, that he was able to play extreame mind controll games with me. He is an airline pilot and makes over $240K a year and I had nothing. He had seperated me from all of my friends and family and convinced me that I would be nothing without him, so I quietly indured the abuse.I knew that he was carrying on multiple affairs and had found adult content on the computer (some with children). At one point I was able to get him to go to therapy and he admitted that he had been sexually abused as a child. When the therapist told him that he had a sexual addiction, he refused to go back.
After 10 years, I was finally able to put my foot down and told him that I would not accept this anymore and that I wanted a divorce. That evening he told me that If I pursued this that he would "destroy" me. I said that he couldn't scare me anymore and that he could not intimidate me any longer. At that time he told me to get out, or he would make sure that I was out. He then called the police and claimed that I was chasing him with a butcher knife (absolutely not true). I was taken to jail and realeased the next day (DA did not prosecute). I then found that he had hidden my son, cleared the accounts, taken a restraining order against me, and hired the highest priced attorney in Houston. With no where to go and no money, I went to a shelter.
Within a week I had found a commision only sales job and was able to get an apartment and an attorney (inexperienced, but what I could afford). We went before the judge for the preliminary hearing and I was given shared custody of my son, my "personal" belongings (clothes), and that is it. Texas courts require a year of attempts at setteling out of court. After a year, I had payed my attorney over $20K and still owed him $10K. I had only made $40K and had to pay bills, so I was out of money and my attorney told me that I could not afford to go to court (another $50K minimum). He advised me to sign their agreement. I was stong armed into signing an agreement that gave me nothing. That didn't hurt, because all I wanted was my son. I refused to give into him having full custody. I agreed to shared, with no child support. The wording was purposely written so loosely that he and his attorney claimed it was not enforceable (of course they wrote it). He refused to allow me my shared time with him. He had swore revenge on me for 10 years, if I left him, and his money and powerful attorney allowed him to do that. But, he didn't stop there.
Less than a year later, he married a woman with millions of $$. She can't have children of her own, so she said that she would see to it that they would have full custody and that I would be "written" out of his life. At the time, I was still single and they claimed that he should be with a family and not a single mother, although he is gone 4 days a week and she works 13 hours a day. My son is with a nanny more than anyone else.
This would not be so bad, if I knew that my son was safe and being cared for, because it isn't about me. However, I have done some PI work of my own and found that his new wife is a heavy drinker and was abusive to her ex-husband.
My son came to visit me last weekend with bruises all up and down his back side. He told me that his father had "spanked" him, while his step-mother watched. I took pictures and called the police. I was told that I would have to return him to his father and that they would do an investigation. They sent Child Protective Services out and they left him in the home. I have had experince with the, supposed, Protective Services, and know that they will do nothing. I have also gone to attorneys and was told that I would need a minimum of $50K to go to court and that I needed hard proof.
I know that he is not going to call his buddies and brag, or whatever was said before, but if I had some idea of his internet adult content addiction and other activities it would be that much easier to take some wind out of his sails. I have a few plans as to what I can do with this info. The attorneys told me that I had to get some dirt, any dirt. I may not be able to catch him when he is beating my son, but if there is division in the home then I stand a much better chance of getting him out of there. I know that he and his wife fight alot in front of my son. I need to prove it!!! Anything that can get him out of there and safe...
I hope this stands to prove that I am not out for revenge. I want my son safe and don't know what else to do!!! Help!! Please!!

#8149 09/25/03 10:50 PM
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DollarDNS Owner
DollarDNS Owner
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Very sad story, I'm sure. but we will not be the ones to help you. Asking for a hackers for hire is inappropriate content on this site. I just closed another person's topic about this in the general forum today! Look around a little bit and get the idea of what this site is NOT about.

And I'm closing this post. If you are sorry, we already except your apologies and forgive you and stuff. And good day.

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