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Not sure where to start. First and foremost, I am seeking help in learning how to gain access to a PC located in my home, not mine . I'm needing a friend on this forum, someone to take me under their wing smile

My situation is this... The PC in question has Windows XP/Professional. It's currently networked to my own PC. They have a password on login. which I can't access. I do NOT want them to know I've done anything, nor do I want to permanently change anything that can't be restored, I just NEED to know what's being hidden (if you need reasoning, just ask) He's one of those "one password for everything" kind of people also. So if anyone knows how to gain AOL passwords, that wouuld work also.

I've read loads of websites, offering this and that. I am not completely illiterate, I just don't know what to trust/try. Further explanation in terms I can relate to wouldn't hurt either smile

I appreciate any help I can get! Feel free to email me.

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He is in your house, useing a computer that obviouly dose not belong to you. What dose it matter what they are hiding? I mean I do not get you need here. Are we talking about finding out if you bother or dad is surfing adult content? Or is this a wife husband thing?

Next question, do you have a non administrative login? If so how many rights do you have? What I mean is can you install anything? Can you delete? there is allways password capture.

YOu probably want this

External KeyGhost Home Edition
(128,000 Keystroke Capacity)

That is the fastest way to do this. Or you can spen a few months reading about windows XP vulnerabilities.


Certainly, if you are a brand new PC buyer or someone already using Windows 2000 you should take a serious look at Windows XP Pro. Similarly, anyone who plans on sharing their computer among multiple (especially inexperienced) users or handing control of their computer over to a house guest may find serious benefits in running WinXP Pro.

In WinXP, Microsoft has done a tremendous job at simplifying WinNT's complexities for the computer novice. While XP Pro has all the security/privacy features that came with Windows 2000 (and previous versions of NT) the intricacies and details are hidden behind simplified user interfaces. These simplified interfaces can be “turned off” on a user-by-user basis. So someone acting as the system administrator for a home PC could have full access to all the power of a Windows NT workstation, setting up security just the way the PC owner wants, while hiding the details for other power users as they slowly learn how to configure/maintain their machine.

This isn't to say that Microsoft has suddenly started releasing copies of Windows that are secure and private by default. WinXP still errs on the side of “convenience” rather than “security” when it is initially installed. WinXP Pro gives full and unlimited access to all user accounts and leaves all files viewable and accessible by default. You are left on your own to set up each account's password, privatize each account's files/preferences, and limit each account's access rights.

All this in spite of the fact that computer consultants, network and system administrators don't give even themselves full access rights to a PC when logged in using their normal, everyday account. The reason is simple... a program you are running will have a difficult time trashing the hard disk, crashing the PC, or screwing up the operating system to the point where the machine won't boot, if the program doesn't have the right to do anything more than what an ignorant, bumbling computer neophyte has the right to do. The same goes double for computer viruses.

If he has one password he probably hasn't completely hardened the box.

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you COULD delete the SMB file but you'd clear all logins smirk

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ok, I'm gonna tell you somethin which you can use for the rest of ur live. Be Creative. It doesn't matter if you don't know [censored] about computers, if you jus think about it for a little you could it. Now, one of my favorite methods in a situation like this involves a little social engineering. Here's what you gotta do:

- Download a free keylogger. Learn how to use it, configure it to send everything to ur email and save it with something like "Kodak Picture Viewer.exe" it would help if you knew how to change icons.

- Put it on a floppy or CD and write somethin like "Jenny Spring Break Cancun 2003". make it look like a girl wrote it, with a pink marker or somethin like that.

- drop the disk in a place where the target is sure to find it, at a time when they are alone. I can guarantee you that he will open that file cause the voyeuristic rush is too much to resist.

there, without a lot of knowledge of computers you can get the password without them knowing you did it. I did this to so many people, friends, teachers, strangers, etc. It always works for me.

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Yeah smile
I totally agree with "?".
A lot of security-breaching can be done using non-digital skills. (of course you need to know how to program a virus if you plan to infect a computer)...
But.. the key point is that you would need HIM to f*ck himself over..
One of my fav's is to program some small and fast eraser program that searches the local drives for all files of type *.mpeg *.avi *.mpg *.mpq *.mp3 and deletes them.. the funny part is to remake the icon (like "?" said) wink and wait for those fools to run it... yep.

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Joined: Aug 2003
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Well if u cant code or hack... just buy that external keylogger it works perfectly i've used one.. my friend bought it for fun smile good for net cafes u can steal passwords lmao!
anyway you have all the info you need..
and all you other ppl who ask questions..
she was specific i assume she..
so she got answers :p

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I totally agree with ?, and zenon. You must be creative

It sounds to me like you are trying to get a AOL password to change some of your parental control settings (Just My interpretation of things).

I had a similar problem to this about 5 years ago when i was living at home.
1st thing to remember, Normal PC users. Keep their password information with 15 feet of their workspace. That is how I found her password the 1st time.
When she Changed it again. I made up some excuse to get on her screen name (Create a new screen name...dunno be creative). When she came to do this I had a key logger running. When she left pulled up the key logger and there was the password.
Also a thing to try, if you can't install programs. Have them put in their password to something, for some BS reason, but try to catch them when they are doing something that is going to leave a mark on the keyboard. (Like doing the dishes, or working on a car, anything like that) When they leave you should have at least some Idea what the password is and you can work from there (This also worked for me) perviously.

So you don't have to be a tech guru to do this and you don't have to go through some long complicated vurnerability exploit. I say I simpler the better.

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