For computer-hackers and virus-writers, the next frontier in mischief is the cellphone. And the possibilities include a cellphone virus or Trojan horse programme instructing handsets to forward the cellphone-user�s personal address book to others, eating into a cellphone�s operating software and erasing personal information. Fiction? Well, such incidents are already dogging Japan and Europe.

��Mobilephone hacking is a reality. There is every chance of mobilephone hacking having entered India with cases going unreported,�� says cyber- law expert Pavan Duggal, ��Even as cellphone networks become increasingly sophisticated, there is a simultaneous increase in the number of points within wi-fi networks which can be broken into. India will definitely hear of cellphone-hacking cases by next year.��

Buy a cellphone, get a hacker free. ��If a malicious code gets control of your cellphone, it can toll numbers, receive your messages and send them elsewhere,�� explains Dinesh Shandliya, software-security expert and �ethical hacker�, ��Wireless architecture suffers from all the vulnerabilities of Internet architecture. As cellular phones morph into computer-like smartphones able to surf the web, send e-mail and download software, they are prone to the same tribulations which have waylaid computers.��

According to Section 66 of India�s IT Act, anybody found hacking a mobile network is liable to face imprisonment of three years and pay a fine of Rs 2 lakh. ��Still,�� points out Duggal, ��loopholes allow hackers to use just about anybody�s Internet protocol to break into a network. So, it is difficult to track down the guilty.�� Warning bells toll for cells. No phoney talk this, hacker ka number aa gaya.

source: india times

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