More than 11,000 IP addresses of vulnerable servers were found on the computer of a UK teenager that has been accused of launching a DDoS attack responsible for knocking out IT systems at the Port of Houston in Texas, Southwark Crown Court was told on Wednesday.

Aaron Caffrey, whose father is a software engineer and mother is a lecturer in IT, allegedly used a well-known 'Unicode' exploit to take advantage of vulnerabilities in Microsoft's IIS Web server software. His defence counsel has argued that unpatched security holes in Windows enabled someone to use Caffrey's computer to launch the attack.

Southwark Crown Court heard on Wednesday that on Caffrey's computer, which was forensically examined by the Computer Crime Squad three months after the attack took place, there was a file called webservers.txt that listed the IP addresses of 11,608 servers vulnerable to the Unicode exploit.

source: Zdnet

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