Serb hackers apparently attacked the official Web site of Croatian Alpine skiing champion Janica Kostelic on Monday, replacing her picture with that of a bearded Serb World War II fascist leader.

Local internet portal said that hackers had posted the pictures of Draza Mihajlovic -- a hate figure in Croatia, executed by Yugoslav communists after the war -- and of a Serb basketball player who sports a Mihajlovic tatoo on his forearm.

"If not on (basketball) court, than on the web," the hackers wrote under the picture of Milan Gurovic, a Partizan Belgrade player who was denied entry into Croatia last month under a law banning public display of fascist insignia.

Mihajlovic was the leader of Serbian troops, known as chetniks, who fought against anti-fascists in World War II, and has a cult status among Serbian nationalists.

The hackers signed off with "Sincere regards from Serbia, the land of brave heroes and internet maniacs,," said.

Kostelic's site restored its original look after several hours, but posted a screencap of the changed site.

Source: Yahoo News

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