The RIAA is suing 79 year old Ernest Brenot, of Ridgefield, Washington, for sharing 774 MP3s, some of which were of Creed, Guns N Roses, U2, Linkin Park and Vanilla Ice. Brenot sent a hand written note to the RIAA saying he does not have a computer.

Brenot also wrote he does not even know how to use a computer. However, he and his wife say their son in law had cable internet service at their house for a brief period. They allowed him to share the bill to avoid a surcharge from Comcast.

The Brenot family are among 382 lawsuits filed by the RIAA since it began this six months ago. The 382 suits don't cover the 220 who settled. Cary Sherman, the RIAA president, says they will continue the lawsuits no matter how the media covers it.