The Chinese-language Web site of fast food giant McDonald's Corp. was broken into twice on Christmas by a hacker protesting against its listing of Taiwan as a separate country, the Beijing Youth Daily said Monday.

The world's largest restaurant chain is expanding fast in China and currently has 600 stores in what has become its eighth-largest market.

McDonald's English-language home page features a sign saying "I'm going to McDonald's" pointing at a drop-down menu listing China and Taiwan as separate "country/market" identities.

China has considered the self-ruled island of Taiwan part of its territory since it split away from the mainland after the defeated Nationalists fled there at the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949.

On Christmas night, the McDonald's Chinese home page ( was turned into a black-and-white picture of a skull bearing the words "protest McDonald's official Web site listing Taiwan as a country," the newspaper said.

On top of the skull were the English words "Chinese hacker."

The site could not be opened at all early on Monday but was back to normal later in the day.

An official with McDonald's in Beijing said the company had no immediate comment.

Source: CNN News

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