Some Debian Project machines have been compromised

This is a very unfortunate incident to report about. Some Debian servers were found to have been compromised in the last 24 hours.

The archive is not affected by this


In particular the following machines have been affected:

. master (Bug Tracking System)

. murphy (mailing lists)
. gluck (web, cvs)
. klecker (security, non-us, web search, www-master)

Some of these services are currently
not available as the machines undergo close inspection. Some services have been moved to other machines ( for example).

The security archive will be verified from trusted sources before it will become available again.

Please note that we have recently prepared a new point release for Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 (woody), release 3.0r2. While it has not been announced yet, it has been pushed to our mirrors already. The announcement was scheduled for this morning but had to be postponed. This update has now been checked and it is not affected by the compromise.

We apologise for the disruptions of some services over the next few days. We are working on restoring the services and verifying the content of our archives.

source: news forge

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