Kyocera Wireless is once again shipping a Phantom model cell phone after an investigation concluded that the phone did not explode as a Nebraska family had reported about two weeks ago.

Instead, the KE413 model phone was acting properly by venting heat and some graphite dust after its battery short-circuited, according to Kyocera Wireless. The dust is not harmful and no injuries were reported, the San Diego-based company said.

As a precaution, the company stopped shipping the handset temporarily. It said it resumed shipment of the phone last week.

The family purchased the phone from wireless provider Cricket Wireless, the U.S.-based subsidiary of Leap Wireless International, that began selling the phone this summer. The carrier has continued making the phone available to customers.

The Kyocera phone was one of four reported cell phone explosions in the last two months. The others involved Nokia cell phones. A Nokia spokeswoman said Thursday that two of the phones malfunctioned because they used batteries not made by Nokia. The third incident, which involved an original Nokia battery, remains under investigation, the spokeswoman added.

"We recommend consumers use only original consumer accessories," she said.

Source: CNet