MICROSOFT'S CHIEF SOFTWARE ARCHITECT Bill Gates is repeating the mantra that users are to blame for insecure PCs, in an interview with a Canadian newspaper.
This refrain is familiar to the INQUIRER: Gates said more or less the same thing when he addressed an Assembly of CEOs in Berlin a few weeks ago.

The chief software architect (CSA.'.) told IT Business that perfect code wasn't the answer to security problems, but firewalls and keeping the software up to date were more important.

The problems that have occurred this year wouldn't have happened if firms and individuals had set up their software probably.

He also claims in the article that Microsoft has always had security patches out before the exploits happened.

Developers were also to blame because they didn't understand the application program interfaces, Gates told the publication.

And he also claimed that all forms of Unix and Linux have a greater number of vulnerabilities than Microsoft but don't spread as much because "they're not as dense" as Windows.

Low volume software is hit by malicious people, high volume software, that is Windows, is hit by people who want visibility and glory.

Source: The Inquirer

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