Well... this is an odd one and no doubt there is a logical and simple explanation for what happened. A visit today to the SecurityFocus.com web site, via the URL at http://www.securityfocus.com/ was resulting in the main index page of the NewsFactor Network web site appearing.

A visit to the SecurityFocus.com web site via the URL at http://securityfocus.com was landing you at the regular SecurityFocus.com web site that everyone is familiar with.

So I think we can safely say that either
a) Someone screwed up over at SecurityFocus.com
b) Maybe Newsfactor Network needed a traffic boost by redirecting traffic to themselves
c) Evil hackers have penetrated SecurityFocus...
d) Verisign was reaping revenge on the anti-Verisign position that SecurityFocus took over Verisign's hijacking of error pages
e) We just got a glimpse or accidental preview that SecurityFocus was about to become part of the NewsFactor network... ?
f) or insert one of your own thoughts about what screwed up at SecurityFocus

I know it is not earth shattering security news...(or maybe it was) but it was highly noticable to everyone who spent their lunch hour visiting the SecurityFocus.com web site. By 12:15 someone must have phoned SecurityFocus and tipped them off because things returned back to normal at both of their URL addresses. I wonder if we will ever learn what 'really' happened...

source: securitynews

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