This will be a quick guide on graphics, it will be added on by myself and others.

1. We reccommend using Photoshop 7.0.1+, you can also use gimp, even MSPaint to make graphics in, but we definately reccommend Photoshop.
2. Fonts, one thing you'll always use are fonts, they go by moods, we reccommend Acid Fonts .
3. If you're using Photoshop we also reccommend filters, these are helpful in creating special effects for your images.
4. Time. You need to learn if you don't know, you need to polish up if you do...

Photoshop Tools We Use:
1. Layers, we use loads, in pergesu's avatar for example I used 4 differant.
2. Layer Masks, not generally used unless used in farking.
3. Magical Wand, helpful for selecting colors, or near colors, in an image, generally for removal.
4. Opacity, for making images have a tint, or look older than what they are, basically you can have a solid color over an image and set the opacity to 5% and it'll show with that color dimmed.
5. Instead of using the crop tool, use the marquee tool's and the crop option under image.

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