Welcome to the UGN Graphics forum. In this forum you'll find differant types of graphics and some differant contests.

One of the types of contests that you'll see are called "Farking" contests.

A "Fark" is the manipulation of an image or series of images to reach a common goal, most times this is simply placing someones head on a body, adding or removing aspects from an image, etc.

Farking Rules:
1. No family. Family is not a valid set of people to fark and can commonly go too far. Anyone violating this rule will be banned from this forum and the entire BBS.
2. If you fark someone you're giving everyone permission to fark you.
3. If someone requests that a fark of them be taken down it is their right since it is their face on your image.
4. All images MUST be original, no using copyrighted materials in this forum. Please get original author's permission when reproducing anything.
5. Keep it clean. At times we'll hold open contests where you can make your image anything so long as it follows a set structure, we will be leniant, but no nudity.

Banner Rules:
1. When reproducing content please get the original author's concent.
2. Keep the images clean, no nudity.
3. Follow the guideline of the image contest.

1. Rewards vary from contest to contest.
2. Only UGN Admin's are authorized to give anything UGN Related away.
3. When a prize is specifide it'll be given within 1 week, if you do not claim your prize within the time alotted you forefit your right to the prize.

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