I've gotta bunch of old IBM guides and references laying around and I have no use for them. They are all in great condition and if anybody is interested in some old school stuff this is your thing. These are document describing programming techniques before DOS or even before the CRT displays when it was just punchcards and print-out. I'm sure these documents must be worth a few bucks, especially in this condition. Here's a list of things I have.

IBM - FORTAN for the IBM 1130 Problem Book - R29-0106-0

IBM - FORTAN for the IBM 1130 - Examinations - R29-0107-0

IBM 6400 - accounts payable application manual - magnetic ledger accounting equipment - 1963 - Form No. 544-0077-I

General Information Maual - IBM Management Operating System for Manufacturing Industries - 1960 - E20-8041

IBM - Data Processing Techniques - 1963 - F20-8149-1

Automatic Data Processing Glossary - Executive Office of the President - Bureau pf Budget -1962 - O -219 -762

IBM Systems Reference Library - IBM 7070-Series - COBOL/FORTRAN Operating System - COBOL 7070-CB-940 - C28-6901-2

IBM Technical Newsletter - IBM 7070 COBOL/FORTRAN OPERATING SYSTEM - January 13, 1967 - Nr. N27-1272

There are a few more dealing with payroll and labor stuff but I think you get the idea. These books are really cool, even got pictures of old computers. Huge typewriter looking things without monitors. If you want them or know somebody who collects this kinda stuff reply and give me an offer as to how much you wanna spend on them.