a little intro
i've been bored lately so i decided to make some hacking games for the punters here.. and just gain more knowledge along the way.. im starting off with simple challenges and then slowly building them up.. if you need help just ask me or join irc.UnderGroundNews.com #UnderGroundNews and don't be so broad with your questions please

the challenge catergories as of 23/oct/2003
Cryptography-the science of concealing messages
ReverseEngineering-the art of changing a program
programming-self explaintory

answers? Well i will write tutorials for all challenges but you should still attempt them before you read the answers don't waste my work!

thats all the intro over.. now onto some challenges
Challenge I:
crypto="Sfq ohrl yqjjlyymqccu klmlhzlk zopy johcclenl, zoheb ufq mfx ufqx ghxzpjpghzpfe
. Zol yljxlz sfxk py efs jxugzfnxhd"

ReverseEngineering=" http://serialcoders.sytes.net/bknight/ugnuno.zip "

programming="All you have to do is find the value of Y on the 1,000th repetition 'Y=X^3-(X+Y)' start with Y=1, X=1 then increment X and keep recalculating Y until X reaches 1,000"
note:dont xor x but make it to the power of

PM me the answers for now until i get a points system going

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