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#22689 11/22/03 09:29 PM
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Defcon Offline OP
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Joined: Mar 2002
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[14:47] <Guest84139> what is the difference between a static and dynamic ip?
[14:47] <Ghost> dynamic does change, static doesnt
[14:48] <Guest84139> do you get a staic and dynamic ip every time u log on
[14:48] <Ghost> no
[14:48] <Guest84139> to the internet
[14:48] <Ghost> no
[14:49] <Guest84139> the static stays the same and the dynamic changeS?
[14:49] <Ghost> you only have one or the other
[14:49] <Ghost> if you have dynamic your ip changes
[14:49] <Ghost> if you have static it always stays the same
[14:49] <Guest84139> who assihns your ip?
[14:49] <Guest84139> ur isp?
[14:50] <Ghost> yes
[14:51] <Guest84139> what does an ip tell someone about ur com,puter?
[14:51] <Ghost> what?
[14:52] <Deffy> it gives your exact position in the world
[14:52] <Ghost> no
[14:52] <Deffy> down to your grid square
[14:52] <Deffy> so the cops can find you
[14:52] <Ghost> er ya it does
[14:52] <Ghost> heh
[14:52] <Deffy> and beat your punk [censored] down
[14:53] <Guest84139> i see
[14:53] <Deffy> yeah, thats why 1337 people like us don't have IP's
[14:53] <Ghost> yeah
[14:53] <Guest84139> how can you not have an ip?
[14:54] <Ghost> magic
[14:54] <Deffy> and our super skills
[14:54] <Deffy> we are further then 1337
[14:55] <Deffy> we have reached the level known as j337
[14:55] <Deffy> and one's your j337, your better then everyone
[14:55] <Guest84139> u have an ip spoofer
[14:55] <Ghost> no we dont have ips
[14:56] <Guest84139> how can you not have ips if your isp assigns you one every time you connect
[14:56] <Deffy> we don't use ISP's
[14:56] <Ghost> we are joking
[14:56] <Ghost> thats how
[14:57] <Guest84139> oh
[14:57] <Guest84139> what do you use instead?
[14:57] <Deffy> We directly connect to the fiberoptic lines between routers
[14:57] <Deffy> allowing us to "float" on the network
[14:58] <Guest84139> so you only have to pay for the line charge and not the isp cash too?
[14:58] <Deffy> no
[14:59] <Deffy> we don't even have a line charge
[14:59] <Deffy> we just tap in
[14:59] <Ghost> heh
[14:59] <Deffy> it's not that hard
[14:59] <Deffy> just need to know where the special fiberoptic lines are
[14:59] <Guest84139> really are you messin wiv me
[14:59] <Guest84139> you have broadband?
[15:00] <Ghost> no fiber is narrow band
[15:00] <Guest84139> so ur on 56k?
[15:00] <Deffy> um no
[15:00] <Deffy> like I said
[15:00] <Ghost> fiber
[15:00] <Ghost> like he said
[15:01] <Deffy> we are on the huge fiberoptic lines between routers
[15:01] <Deffy> we have near infinte bandwidth
[15:01] <Guest84139> but how do you find the fiberoptics?
[15:01] <Ghost> metal detector
[15:02] <Deffy> and maps
[15:02] <Deffy> just call your town hall and ask
[15:02] <Deffy> say you are a construction company
[15:03] <Guest84139> lol
[15:03] <Guest84139> how common are lines?
[15:03] <Guest84139> i live in a rural area
[15:03] <Deffy> not very, only between major areas
[15:03] <Guest84139> you both live in major citys?
[15:03] <Deffy> no
[15:03] <Ghost> i live next door to him tho
[15:04] <Deffy> I am tapping mine off of the line that comes in to Boston
[15:04] <Ghost> he lets me use it
[15:04] <Ghost> and im using his line
[15:04] <Deffy> I am tapping the line that connects the Eastern Coast to Europe
[15:04] <Deffy> and then using a Satilite tap to get it up here
[15:04] * insomniacman has joined #UnderGroundNews
[15:04] <Deffy> all very simple really
[15:05] <Deffy> once you get the astrological data grid uploaded and learn where all the points of visiblity are for the satilites
[15:05] <insomniacman> how long did it take you to learn how to hack
[15:05] <Deffy> and hell I have most of it automated
[15:05] <Deffy> about a week
[15:05] <Ghost> 27 years
[15:06] <Deffy> it's easy
[15:06] <insomniacman> what country are you in
[15:06] <Deffy> there are no countries here
[15:06] <Deffy> only 1's and 0's
[15:06] <Deffy> we are at one with the cyberverse
[15:06] <insomniacman> is it illegal to visit this site from the usa
[15:07] <Ghost> why the hell would it be?
[15:07] <insomniacman> because the government is sensitive about losing any hold on people
[15:07] <Deffy> when you are one with the internet... it becomes all you know
[15:07] <Deffy> until you know all of it
[15:07] <Ghost> hey inosmnica have you read the constitiopm latley?
[15:07] <Deffy> since you don't ever sleep
[15:08] <Ghost> constitution*
[15:08] <Ghost> you have the right to anything protected by the constitution
[15:08] <insomniacman> yeah i have but there have been people charged with "suspition of hacking " or being associated with hacking
[15:08] <Ghost> and visiting whatever web sites you want is protected
[15:09] <Ghost> since when?
[15:09] <insomniacman> lately it was on the news
[15:09] <Ghost> well the news is wrong
[15:09] <insomniacman> people are going to jail just for speaking out about the government
[15:09] <insomniacman> have you heard about sherman
[15:09] <Ghost> thats freadom of speech
[15:10] <Ghost> they cant arrest you
[15:10] <insomniacman> go to
[15:10] <Ghost> no
[15:10] <insomniacman> i just wanted to learn how to hack
[15:10] <insomniacman> im a noob
[15:10] <Ghost> then learn how
[15:10] <Ghost> if you wnat to
[15:10] <Ghost> then go learn
[15:11] <insomniacman> im trying to learn c++
[15:11] <Ghost> dont try do it
[15:11] <insomniacman> where can i get a free UNIX os
[15:11] <insomniacman> i have been looking for one
[15:11] <Ghost> so you know what linux is?
[15:12] <insomniacman> yeah
[15:12] <insomniacman> unix is better right
[15:12] <Ghost> then download a distro of it
[15:12] <Ghost> who said that?
[15:12] <insomniacman> where
[15:12] <Ghost> google for it
[15:12] <insomniacman> my friends
[15:12] <insomniacman> so i search free linux os
[15:13] <Ghost> sure
[15:13] <Guest84139> how do you link your computer to these fiberoptic lines?
[15:13] <Ghost> fiber optic cable
[15:14] <Guest84139> surely it would look a bit obvious a big cable going to ur house?
[15:14] <Ghost> get a small one then
[15:14] <Guest84139> lol but how do you connect them to ur computers ...are these lines not in public areas?
[15:16] <Deffy> we build our own special computers
[15:16] <Deffy> far superior
[15:16] <insomniacman> ok i cant find one do you know a website i could get one for free
[15:16] <Deffy> and with special adapters
[15:16] <insomniacman> i have windows xp and i dont know how it would react with another os
[15:16] <Ghost>
[15:16] <Guest84139> yes but how do you connect to these fibre optic lines without being seen?
[15:16] <Ghost> do it at night
[15:17] <Deffy> yeah, or wear camoflauge
[15:17] <Ghost> or both
[15:17] <Deffy> i go sewer ratting when I need to reconnect
[15:18] <Guest84139> sewer ratting?
[15:18] <Deffy> yes
[15:19] <Deffy> going down in the sewers and manually making the connection
[15:19] <Guest84139> so are you telling me that you can , if you wanted to, commit basically any computer crime without being caught?

"Remember how much fun you had shooting spitwads at the teacher in seventh grade? Imagine applying that kind of attitude to actually [censored] with Mitsubishi!"
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UGN Member
Joined: Sep 2002
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....That has to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen.....Nice one, So can I get one of those Special Computers? hehe

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."
-Albert Einstein

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heh you and me man!

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Defcon you dumbass, why did you tell them how to find fiber optic lines? now they're gonna slow down my connection.

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UGN Super Poster
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if your ever going down to those sewers, call my cell, I got oday orange fiber links, um also somewhere I'll get hold of some "equipment", and we can pwn the matrix from fiber. O btw if it's the wh one to the nsa, I'm not coming kthx. Under the, through all that steel no..heh but other then that we can do some 31337 hax0ring, and own the matrix/hack the planet. Kthx*joke*

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