Soon we're going to be using the UGN Security BBS as the news sytem. This will make the site far easier to maintain as well as easier to assign news admin's and have staff submit stories for the site.

For now, we have a beta version of it available here for everyone to take a look at.

For now we're planning on keeping the current system until we can get everything setup correctly with the scripts (still a few minor errors).

Note, if you recieve the error: "Warning: file(/var/www/html/ubb/Forum26/.cgi): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/html/news.php on line 57" it's common, we know about it, it's what happenes when too many streams are selected when they don't exist, it'll be gone once 15 posts are in the tech news section and 5 in the site news section.

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