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#16177 05/28/04 10:05 PM
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defy Offline OP
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i' ve just installed Suse 9.1 Professional but i have some problems. While i am running the KDE and moving around, from time to time the pc freezes for half a second. Nothing else shows up. For example if i' am moving the mouse that specific time, then the mouse stops and then reappears where it should be if the freeze hadn't happened.

Another thing i don't get. I saw in kpm that i'm running about 100 processes!!! I think this may play a role in the freeze. What do you say?
I took snapshots of the processes i'm running, can i post them in this forum? How i can manage all these processes that are running in the background? All of them except only a few are being started on a normal boot, how i can decide which of them are necessary?
I also took snapshots of the graphs of my processor and of my memory. Another weird thing is that the swap file is 0. I have 512 MB Ram and a swap file partition of about 1GB. Despite this i see my Ram full and the swap file empty. Why is that? I think that this may slow down the performance.

About the 'beep'. I think that messages are being sent to the root account because when i'm in using the console every time i hear a beep the system notifies me of the new message. The messages are a crap. About programs, about changes, i didn't pay attention. If you want i can post them.

Thanks a lot!

#16178 05/29/04 02:43 AM
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Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 815
Your swap will not be utilized until your ram is filled. If you are running Xwindows there should be quite a few process. Feel free to post any relevant information that you think would help us help you.

You can check your swap out with:
bash# cat /proc/swaps

As far as freezing, that is odd

#16179 05/30/04 06:40 PM
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Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 197
You can start with shutting down all unneeded services. I don't know the exact name for the graphical program, but just browse trough the menu with all system tools in, i'm sure you'll find it. Once you found it, you can choose the runlevel and choose what services that have to be started on bootup. An exaplanation of what all those services are should be next to the services name. I might sound confusing, but once you'll find it, i'll all be clear wink

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#16180 05/30/04 10:40 PM
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defy Offline OP
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Thanks Predator, i think i found what i should do.

I found the list you told me about and now i'm going to close one by one the unneeded services.

Thanks a lot!

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