Dolphin Zelda movie!!!!
Posted by: OK-OK at 5:51 am CET Martin posted this on Emulation64:

Make sure you're sitting down and are comfortable, preferably with a cup of coffee or tea or some other drink you enjoy. This is a moment you will remember forever, I promise. This is as big as when you first saw UltraHLE running Super Mario 64, and heard Mario shout "Itsa me, Maaario!".

Hold your breath and download this amazing video of the GameCube emulator Dolphin running the intro of Zelda. Please note that the author has increase the FPS for viewing pleasure reasons, the actual speed is much slower. I would like to ask webmasters of other sites to upload this file to your own webserver, else the bandwith bill will kill me.

Thanks a TON to the anonymous author of Dolphin for giving us at Emulation64 this exclusive.
Holy [censored] [censored],

Click Here to Watch Video

This is a very bad month for Nintendo, The video is sped up to be more watchable,. At current time the game can only be emulated at around 2-3 FPS, but you can expact that number to improve as the emulator is developed further.

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