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BitTornado is a BitTorrent client. It is developed by John Hoffman, who also created its predecessor, Shadow's Experimental Client. Based on the original BitTorrent client, the interface is largely the same, with added features such as

* upload/download speed limitation;
* prioritized downloading when downloading batches (several files);
* detailed information about connections to other peers;
* UPnP Port Forwarding (Universal Plug and Play);
* IPv6 support (OS support required);
* PE/MSE support as of version 0.3.18.

Super seeding mode and web seeding were originally developed by the BitTornado group.

It is programmed using Python, for platform independence. Due to this, it can be used server-side on servers which support python applications, without having root access. Torrentflux is a popular PHP front-end for BitTornado, but because of its nature being inherently resource-intense, most shared web hosts block such scripts.

BitTornado developer John Hoffman decided to ban BitComet users from accessing his client as he claims it exploits super-seeds.
Posted on May 31st, 2014


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