The Brazilian struck again exactly a week later. And his targets... You guessed it right. The NASA websites.

A week after the premier space agency suffered the embarrassment of having its 13 websites defaced by a Brazilian hacker calling himself "drwxr," two more NASA sites fell to the cyber assault by the same crew on Wednesday.

The websites and were vandalised by "drwxr," who posted his comments on the ongoing US-led war in Iraq. "The war in Iraq, kill is a play!" the hacker said in his terse message on the defaced sites, even while wishing everyone a "bright and beautiful Christmas." He also took pride in announcing that "drwxr ownz nasa."

The defacements obviously led to a lot of red faces among the NASA techies since defaced index pages were quickly pulled out and the original page uploaded again. However, which monitors defacements globally managed to record the defacements on its mirrors.

The two sites were among the 13 defaced by "drwxr" on December 17.

In the latest defacements also, the Brazilian hacker linked a video of CNN showing American soldiers killing an Iraqi.

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